Starting dates of lessons of the 2019-20 Academic Year
The course

The Bachelor Degree in Information Systems Engineering has the objective of training a professional with strong methodological, design and operative skills. The graduate in Information Systems Engineering is able to use consolidated and innovative IT methodologies and technologies with adequate practical and experimental work skills to face and solve a wide range of application problems. The areas of competence of the graduate in Information Systems Engineering cover the analysis, design, development, integration and management of computer systems and applications in every sector in which information technologies are necessary. These skills allow graduates to operate in the IT and digital data processing industries, in public administrations, in consumer goods manufacturing companies, in intermediate companies that operate in the commercialization and advertising of consumer goods also through data analysis, in the areas of automation and robotics.
The course is organized over three years: the first year provides basic knowledge in mathematics, physics and information technology, as well as knowledge of communication techniques and soft skills; the second year explores topics related to data analysis, electrical industrial applications, electronics and the development of software applications and information systems; the third year provides knowledge on the most advanced topics of computer science (big data management, software engineering and internet technologies), as well as knowledge in the fields of economics and business organization, and automation. During the third year, company internships will take place with companies in the Parma Industrial Union, ICT sector. A period of experience abroad (Erasmus) is possible and desirable.

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