Computer Technologies Engineering

Information Systems Engineering

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The Degree course in Computer Technologies Engineering aims at training a professional with strong methodological, design and operational skills. The graduate in Computer Technologies Engineering is able to use established and innovative methodologies and information technologies and to apply them in different operational contexts. The areas of competence of the graduate in Information Technology Engineering cover the analysis, design, development, integration and management of computer systems and applications in every field in which information technology is needed. The various software programming languages and methodologies present in the course will allow Computer Engineering graduates to design and develop IT solutions in various fields: management systems, industrial systems, web systems, mobile systems, intelligent systems, etc.
These skills will enable graduates to work in the IT and data processing and digital process industries, in public administrations, in consumer goods manufacturing companies, in intermediate companies operating in the marketing and advertising of consumer goods also through data analysis, in the automation and robotics sectors.
The Degree course is organized over three years: the first year provides basic knowledge in mathematics, physics and computer science; special emphasis is placed on skills in probability and algorithms and data structures, preparatory to the programming courses of the following years; the second year explores topics related to operating systems and databases, as well as concepts of applied mathematics, electromagnetism, electrical engineering and electronics, in addition to providing introductory skills in artificial intelligence; in the third year, knowledge is provided on more advanced topics in computer science (software engineering, internet technologies and architecture of electronic computers), also through a broad portfolio of elective courses. During the third year, company internships with IT companies may be carried out. A period of experience abroad (Erasmus) is possible and desirable.